The Future Readings: February 26, 2001

Title: Even in information-rich age, school libraries struggle
Author: Marjorie Coeyman
Date: February 6, 2001
Source: The Christian Science Monitor
Abstract: Author discusses the deteriorating conditions in school libraries, particulary those in low income/inner city neighborhoods. Increasing schools are faced with the need to support computer services as well as traditional library services on dwindling financial resources. Most, however, have opted to choose the latter with the belief that "Internet access cancels out the need for open stacks of books." Yet, research indicates that students attending school with a strong library program tend to score better on test. With the arrival of Laura Bush, a former librarian, most school library administrator are optimistic about the future.

Title: E-Books Barely a Blip on Publishing Radar
Author: Reuters
Date: February 26, 2001
Source: Netscape News/Reuters
Abstract: Expensive, bulky, cumbersome ... adjectives that can never sell anything, let alone an E-Book. Despite the negetives, Jupiter research states that ebook is expected to increase to 1.9 million users by 2005. This articles discusses the hurdles it needs to overcome and current offerings from vendors.

Title: An E-book Primer
Author: Sarah Ormes
Date: N/A
Source: eARL - The Consortium of Public Library Networking
Abstract: Provides a foundation for ebooks as well as a discussion of issues as they pertain to library.