Free Speech and the 1st Amendment Readings: February 26, 2001

Title: Lessig: 'We're Losing the Idea War'
Author: Todd Spangler
Date: January 16, 2001
Source: Interactive Week
Abstract: Standford law professor Lawrence Lessig is interviewed in regards to the ruling against Napster by the US Court of Appeals of the 9th Circuit. Lessig criticizes the RIIA lawsuit, stresses the need for experiementation with technology, and compares the current debate to the 1995 ruling of the Supreme Court concerning online pornography. "[the Napster case] is not about what the law was. It's about what the law should be. "

Title: Searches bringing up more pay-for-placement
Author: Deborah Lohse
Date: February 14, 2001
Source: Mercury News
Abstract: Discusses the increasing commercialization of the Internet as it pertains to search engines. With the faltering of the dot-coms economy, many search engines are increasingly relying on paid-placement as a source of revenue. This presents a dilemma to librarians who uses these navigation tools for their online searching.

Title: Net filters strain to block sites
Author: AP Wire
Date: February 15, 2001
Abstract: Consumer Report states that four years after its initial testing, filtering software continues to be not up to snuff. It rates AOL Young Teen filter as being fairly effective and only failing to block 14 objectionable sites. Yet at the same time the filter blocked out 63 legitimate sites. Other question raised included issues of what constitutes objectionable? Aborted fetus?