The Future Readings: February 12, 2001

Title: Book industry takes lessons from Napster
Author: Jennifer O'Neill
Date: February 8, 2001
Source: via
Abstract: "The Digital Media Association is an organization of 30 media companies formed to educate government policy makers about digital industry issues. Addressing the panel's theme, 'What if your book were a song?' he said publishers can benefit from the lessons learned by the online music industry through the recent Napster lawsuit." Enough said.

Title: Librarians vigilant after rare-book thefts
Author: Micheal G. Walsh
Date: February 5, 2001
Source: The Muskegon Chronicle
Abstract: Rare books get stolen and auctioned off on e-Bay. Another advantage to digitization?

Title: Pat Schroeder's New Chapter: The Former Congress Woman is Battling for America's Publishers
Author: Linton Weeks
Date: February 7, 2001
Source: Washington Post, Page C01
Abstract: Scary article about the former congresswoman's fight to defend publisher's "rights."