The Future Readings: February 5, 2001

Title: It's Time to Rethink Our Public Libraries
Author: T.K. Chang
Date: January 17, 2001
Source: International Herald Tribune
Abstract: Laments the demise of the dot-coms as vehicles for "free" information. Argues that libraries should divvy up subjects and be responsible for detailed websites on assigned topics

Title: Stacks of reasons to be thankful for librarians
Author: Not Available
Date: January 17, 2001
Source: USA Today
Abstract: Paints a vision of the [ultimately more reliable] library as roadkill -- run over by popular internet search engines.
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Title: The Old-Fashioned Search Engine: In a Digital Age, Do Libraries Still Count?
Author: Not Available
Date: January 13, 2001
Source: Washington Post, Page C01
Abstract: PR for the library institution: Libraries as resources for those who can't afford internet access; Libraries offering online training and foreign language classes, and after-school guidance. Librarians as human search engines.

Title: Preserving our history for future
Author: Dan Gilmore
Date: July 1, 2000
Source: Mercury News/
Abstract: Discusses the ``10,000-year Library'' symposium at Stanford University concerned with preservation in the digital environment.

Title: Library of Congress Goes Digital
Author: Kendra Mayfield
Date: January 19, 2001
Abstract: LOC has digitized over 5 million historical items. Now what? Should libraries be geared toward scholars or the general public?