Andrea's notes for the Matrix (1999)

You Are the One


What I found most interesting about the Matrix is the idea of life not being real until you are able to rid yourself of its constraints. In the Matrix none of these things matter. You are free IF you believe.

Neo (Keanu Reeves) has been chosen as the one to save humanity from the machines that control the real world (or what we believe to be the real world). As long as he can believe in the Matrix (even if we don't know what the Matrix is), he will be able to save the world from its technological stronghold on society.

Neo is re-born, transported into the Matrix by falling endlessy through a tunnel that brings him to Matrix-central. This netherworld of wires and gizmos and computers is what acts as a kind of centralized brain, allowing those who believe to transport themselves back and forth from what is perceived as the real world. To return back to the Matrix, one must connect themselves through the use of a phone line if they wish to find themselves back inside the sanctity of the Matrix.

How appropo to today's Internet connected world! In the world of the Matrix, it is the humans who are transported through the phone lines, where the space-time contiuum is broken, and where you are both the messenger and the receiver. This tells us much about our busy technological world. We have become fragmented, disconnected, yet connected, and informed. We are at a loss to understand, don't know how to do it all, yet we can manage and hope for the best. We don't know how we are connected or who we are connected to, but we can still find who we are if we believe.

If you are loved. If you can accept that love. If you know you are loved ...

You are the One if you believe.