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Fading Away From Reality

W elcome to our Critical Theory Group - a project for IS246 - Social and Cultural Impact of New Information, taught by Howard Besser - a course offered through UCLA's Dept. of Information Studies during Winter Quarter 2001.

Our team project is a theoretical analysis examining the loss of place in society.

This site reflects the flavor of our group discussions and includes our perspective on science fiction movies we viewed, selected resources we encountered, newspaper articles that appeared during the course of the quarter, original essays, our meeting minutes, and an archive of critical theory references.

For an initial outline of our project, click here.

Group Members:

Jean-Francois Coget

Andrea Leigh

Dan Raphael


Since the beginning of civilization, humanity has evolved from natural settings to tangible, human-built environments to intangible, virtual settings. These settings have not replaced each another. Rather, they have supplemented each other. In the process, their centrality to humanity has evolved. The last stage of this evolution, the advent of virtual settings is just at its beginnings. We predict that virtual environments will become increasingly more important as information technologies develop, displacing our sense of reality, and creating a new perception of public space.

Natural Artificial Virtual


last updated April 15, 2001