Berkeley Students

Multimedia: Issues in using Visual Material in

Cultural Heritage Organizations

Spring 1999

JoAnne Allen  (

I am a sophomore at Cal. I am also majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies. I enjoy programming, but I do not want to limit myself to that so I am putting together a computer graphics/multimedia major. I'm taking this class because I thought it would provide me with a better understanding of how to effectively present information to various types of audiences, among other things. This knowledge is especially helpful in designing web sites.  In adition, it presents the various essential issues and  one needs to consider when archiving, and reproducing different works.

I have an fairly extensive background with multimedia, design and the web.  I took a few courses in High school and then my senior year, I landed and internship with Hotwired [an online sister magazine to Wired Magazine]. I have been working there for two years now. I write and archive articles, do production on articles and tutorials, test pages to ensure that they are working properly and various other things.

James Dunn  (

I am a first-year Masters Student at UC Berkeley SIMS. I graduated from the University of San Diego School of Law in May, 1982 and from Middlebury College in May, 1978 (B.A., Italian and Art History).  From 1982 to 1978 I practiced law in San Diego, California. My specialty was juvenile law.

My interests in IS246 relate to the use of multimedia databases for distance education. I have proposed a final project related to the expansion of the EAD for use by children.

Alen Keshishyan  (

As an undergraduate junior transfer student from Glendale Community College (GCC), I am currently enrolled in my second semester at UC Berkeley. During my education at GCC, I managed to complete all the breadth requirements for Cal and transferred with Computer Science as my major. While at Cal, I decided that I was not interested in spending my entire future writing complicated programs, therefore, I changed my major from Computer Science to Computer Graphics & Design through the Interdisciplinary Studies Field major at Cal.

Since my area of concentration is Computer Graphics & Design, I decided to take this course to further understand the concept of digitization and representation. I wanted to learn more about digital art and how it is perceived. Through taking this class now I have had the chance of being exposed to California Heritage Collection and Electronic Café International. These two projects are perfect examples of what I wanted to learn more about and to analyze, in a sense that to actually look at their graphic design and structure.

Camille LeBlanc  (

I'm a 2nd year masters student at SIMs, concentrating in Information Policy. Before I came to SIMS I worked in the software industry for 7 years working as a Strategic Alliance Manager for early-stage companies. I am taking this course because I have an interest in the problems associated with persistence and preservation of digital-media and multi-level experience art.

Julian Low (

Second-year Masters candidate at the Goldman School of Public Policy. I have worked for 20+ years in the: Asian American communities of San Francisco and Boston as an educator and media producer; and in the arts community as a media arts administrator and advocate for cultural diversity and equal access to cultural tools of production, distribution and preservation.

I am interested in telecommunications policies that will shape the access and use of the "information superhighway" and the digital technologies that will influence new art forms as well as new ways to distribute and communicate art and culture.

In this class, I am particularly interested in how digital technologies can best be used to provide access to collections and to present those collections in an informative way.

Qunyan Mao (qunyan@SIMS.Berkeley.EDU)

My name is Qunyan Mao. My background is Library Science and have worked at library for two years. Although library differs from museum and archives, there are still some similar issues raised as technology changes, such as how to preserve the work; how to orginize the digital resource(document or art work); and issues in making digital representation of a work; etc. That's why I take this course.

Lisa Parks  (

My name is Lisa Parks, and I am a Masters candidate in the School of Information Management and Systems at UC Berkeley. My background is in Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology, although I have recently been involved in banking corporate security and medical research. I am very interested in the use of multimedia for museums and cultural preservation. I have some experience working with artifacts, and I empathize with museums that are trying to preserve and display holdings. I have volunteered my time to museums enough to witness the difficulties they have with conservation and preservation issues. The preservation of information is an important topic, especially when cultural artifacts and literature hang in the balance. My Masters project for SIMS centers around information disclosure in the international wine industry.

Please note that I do not have a harelip, despite the photo. I was in an accident the day before.

jeff shilling' Coca Cola in the hills of Toishan, China
Jeffrey A. Ow (jeffow@OCF.Berkeley.EDU)

Jeffrey A. Ow (MA, Asian American Studies, UCLA) is pursuing his doctorate in Comparative Ethnic Studies at UC Berkeley, examining the public transformation of Asian American sites of imprisonment (Angel Island, Manzanar) to sites recognized by the Nation as "National Historic Landmarks." He has volunteered as a tour guide with the Angel Island Association since 1993 and currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation.

Jeff has been interested in technology ever since he had an Atari 2600. His paper, "The Revenge of the Yellowfaced Cyborg Terminator: The rape of digital geishas and the colonization of cyber-coolies in 3D Realms' _Shadow Warrior_" will be published in a collected volume of essays entitled _Race in Cyberspace_ forthcoming in 1999 from Routledge Press.

A guerella e-ziner, Jeff has some various web pages up and around, and for the class project, he will be working on a public web site examining how Asian American historical documents have been displayed on the WWW.

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