Final Projects for Infosys 246
for Howard Besser's Spring 1999 class on
Multimedia: Issues in using Visual Material in
Cultural Heritage Organizations

UCB Students' papers and presentations:

"Facilitating Access for Primary School Children to Digital Archives" James Dunn
  paper (final) presentation bibliography
"Creating The Potential for Persistence in Dynamic Media Art" Camille LeBlanc
"Cult and Exhibition values; Using museums and the wine trade as examples" Lisa Parks
  paper (final) presentation  
"Image Searching on the Web" Qunyan Mao
"Improvements on California Heritage Collection" Alen Keshishya
  paper (temp)    
"Asian American Online Archives Analysis" Jeff Ow
  web site    
"Blaxploitation Films"JoAnne Allen
  paper (final) bibliography  

UCLA Students' critiques

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