Working Groups for Impact of New Information Resources: Multimedia and Networks

taught by Howard Besser

Students will divide into working groups to focus their studies during the course of the semester. The instructor expects that many individual and group projects will come out of these working groups. These groups will allow for more in-depth discussions from particular perspectives, and should be especially helpful in formulating ideas for the final projects. The groups will also periodically report back to the class as a whole to encourage a cross-fertilization of perspectives. Each group will consist of students from both campuses. Group members will hold weekly meetings, and will continue online discussions between meetings. From time to time, groups will be given class time for discussions.

Each group will start and manage its own Web site with summaries and pointers to relevant resources. The group will also manage an electronic communications forum to discuss relevant topics between face-to-face meetings. The group will choose thread names (subject headings) within the forum, periodically purge older messages, and perform all necessary management functions. Each forum will be open to students in other groups and (to a limited extent) to the general public.

The following is a sample list of groups likely to form, and the topics they are likely to discuss. Which of these are actually formed depends upon student interest, and some of these groups might be combined.

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