Multimedia Evaluation:

The Mattel Color Spin Case Study


Young Paik

Opening remarks

Coming up with a list of characteristics to judge the value of different multimedia titles is difficult. In the same way that different genres of film are difficult to compare, multimedia titles are difficult to define. There is also an added complexity due to the interactive element. It is my belief that it is impossible to accurately judge different titles based on the categories discussed in class. I recommend that titles fall into certain "meta-genres". The different "genres" that I purpose for multimedia titles would include, for example, education and entertainment. Under these major headings, the taxonomy of subcategories would be up to debate. The entertainment "genre" would include twitch games, role playing games, and so forth. The education "genre" would also include a heirarchy similar to entertainment. I consider any title that is intended to educate as educational.

The evaluation criteria that was created in class is still extremely useful. Once the heirarchy is complete, different weights can be given to each evaluation criteria. For example, if a multimedia title falls under the "meta-genre" of entertainment, the navigation criteria may differnt meaning, depending on what subcategory it falls under in the entertainment "meta-genre". If it is a twitch game like Doom, the criteria under navigation would mean something different than if it was an adventure game like Myst. The content criteria obviously would have different weights as well. It could also be that the subcategories themselves define the weights of the different criterias.

There is still much research that needs to be done in order to create a taxonomy of multimedia titles. Categorization for the education "meta-genre" needs to be developed. Also, more "meta-genres" need to be created created. A possibility would be a "meta-genre" like issues. The subcategories would be similar to the heirarchies that can be found in Yahoo.

Anyway, that's my $0.02.

The Mattel Color Spin Case

I have chosen to break down the evaluation into four distinct sections. The first section would be presentation, design, and inquiry.


I define presentation to mean the content that is presented to the user, my own opinion to whether the title was effective in educated me. Second, I also mean presentation to mean delivery of actual bits.


What I refer to design I mean the layout of the pages.


What I mean by inquiry is the user interaction with the title.

Criteria created in class for multimedia evaluations





Graphic Design



Objectives of MM Package

Considering the Audience

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