The software that I am evaluating is the Mattel Color Spin. The evaluation would be based on the criteria that we have come up with in class: 1. In terms of clarity, I think that the icons and links are obvious. They enhance searchability. They also increase the effectiveness of the user learning the material because they can switch from one chapter to chapter to next by clicking the arrow.

2. I like the index or the table of content, because the user can always refer to them when they want to look at something they are really interested in, or they can refer to them in order to know which chapter contains the content that they want.

3. The content or explanation of each chapter is very brief. But the diagrams of the old and the new color spin, arranged side by side are really clear and easy to look at. When accompanied with the text which explains how the new one differs from the next, the entire material being taught in that chapter becomes very easy to understand even if the user does not have any previous background in engineering or product design.

4. I think the feedback or quiz part is great, because the users can test themselves if they know what the content is talking about. They could check their answers (a True or False type) easily by clicking onto their answer. However, I think it would be much more helpful if they also provide the usesr with the correct answers so that they don't have to go back to the text to look for answers.

5. The questions being asked in the quiz part is also less technical that the materials being taught. If the courseware material is designed for 20-25 year old college standard, the questions look like a high school level. I would prefer a more intellectual type of questions to go with the texts.

6. Besides, the purpose of the questions seems to care more about how much the users remember about the numbers or whatever facts or data given in the text, instead of how well the users understand them.

7. I consider an ideal feedback mechanism to be a two-way communication between the users and the teachers or the courseware designer. It would be better if the software providers know what the users think about their teaching tool and be given the chance to improve or give direct response to suggestions.