Africa Web Links are one of those wonderful links that allows you to link to a million other places. The reason we are providing this link is to actively give voice to topics and parts of the world that usually have no voice.

AfricaOnLine is perhaps one of the best online sources for news from Africa. Africa is still a continent with little global voice. Take a look and see what Africans are saying.

Africa Online(SM) is Africa's gateway to the Internet. The service chronicles the daily lives of African communities with daily news reports by local African news networks, and from various NGOs. The broader service features Home Pages for various African countries, interest groups and individuals, on-line reference materials, music, art and cultural exchanges, travel information and a kids educational section. Africa Online(SM) encourages involvement from the community.

Mother Jones and Z Magazine are links to sites which cover issues that are not on the American agenda but which impact on most Americans.