Comments about Total Recall

Sims296a3: Digital Commerce Group

Our information technology slant on Total Recall takes the following two forms:

  • Electronic Surveilance
  • Information Delivery

  • A final expose will be to explore the inherent similarities between power centralization in the movie and in contemporary digital reality. Total Recall shows us that the ability to control information is what yields power. Within context, the boss of the planet hid knowledge of the atmosphere generating machine, through which he was able to monopolize oxygen - the essential substance of life. Similarly, a look at contemporary governmental and corporate culture indicates that increasing numbers of people are being marginalized from the decision making process because they are purposely left in the dark about critical information. It is possible (although paranoic, some will argue) that the control of information will only become tighter. This is because digital commerce has brought to the platter of every person the ability to communicate without regards to distance and time. Ergo, only those who need to know, know: the role of the mediator and messenger has ended. Conceivably, the only members of a secret future plot to crash say, the NYSE, will be the two disgruntled brokers and their modems and telephones.

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