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Anoop Sinha

There are literally thousands of sites that present the daily news on the web.  Most of the sites which follow at the end of this document were selected because they appeared on a list of the top on-line news sites in the E&P Interactive Conference Daily News.  These sites were viewed as successful in on-line delivery in 1996, and are good examples of the present state of the art in on-line news delivery. 

One important note is that all of the following images were taken on the same day (April 29, 1997), and therefore many of the sites are presenting the same news stories, but all have a different site design.  They each present the news in a different fashion and sometimes use different technical features available to web authors. 

It is clear that the web design medium offers the opportunity to use different methods of presentation.  Some of these sites might appeal for different users.  Some obviously might be more effective for certain users than others.  One important note about the selections below is that the ability to customize the articles available for the individual user, sometimes called the "Daily Me," was not explored.  There are many on-line news sites that do offer this sort of customization, and this may indeed be the most effective form of news delivery.  Of course, it remains to be seen what the best, privacy conscious, way of entering preferences will be.  In the mean time, the sites that are presented below offered a variety of options that would likely appeal to different classes of users. 

For instance, a user with low bandwidth might prefer the Yahoo headlines news presentation at the end of this page.  Someone with access to a fast net connection as well as a multimedia computer would be able to better access the video and audio delivery features of the Chicago Tribune site and the MSNBC site.  With all of the whiz-bang features available on the sites, sometimes the quality of the writing is neglected in on-line news delivery.  This is definitely far from the case with the New York Times web site, which has received the highest marks for editorial content.  On-line news delivery is something of an economic equalizer.  Not just big city newspapers can are working on quality on-line sites.  The Charlotte, Florida, Sun Herald received the highest overall marks for on-line news delivery for newspapers with under 100,000 subscribers.  And not just sites associated with regular newspapers are successful in preparing on-line news.  All of MSNBC, News.Com (C|Net's) site, and Nando Net are premier sites for news delivery, especially Info  Tech news.  None of these three sites has corresponding paper versions.   


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