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The Business of On-Line News Delivery


 Sims296a3: Digital Commerce
Anoop Sinha


This site contains information regarding the forms of content of on-line news delivery, the primary concern of the Digital Commerce group.  Content concentrates on the possible forms of getting on-line news to readers.  I was most concerned with the forms of delivery news via the web, the most current evolution of news delivery, and a possible substitute for news delivery via paper. 

Early in the semester, I wrote a proposed scope   for what I  would explore in this group.  I was able to collect information about on-line news forms on the web.  I did not spend too much time exploring the potential future forms of on-line news delivery, and do not touch on push technologies or immersive news.  Rather, the technology section of this working group has some information about push delivery of news. 

I  have provided a brief bibliography and reviews of some of the most interesting articles about news delivery forms that I  found.  Please follow those links and read the articles and reviews for some interesting information about the present forms of on-line news and the attitudes of the creators of that news. 

Lastly, I  selected some on-line news sites and took some screen shots of them for a taste of some on-line news sites.  There are over 2000 on-line news sites on the web according to some current estimates, and hence it was not possible to explore all of them or even describe the wide variety of content presentation forms that are available for news on the web. 

Even so, I hope the pages in this subsection of the Digital Commerce working group give some useful information about the different forms of content in on-line news delivery. 

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