My MESL commentary will focus on presenation and search options more than on actual searches. I will summarize the results of the searches and make a few comments, but actual screenshots will not be of much use since the result sets I got tended to be large.

MESL Site Presentations and Search Options

General Observations

I was not terribly impressed by any of the MESL search sites. It was clear to me that the majority of the site experts were not experts in User Interface Design. HTML is a limiting medium - however, there were some sites That managed to deal with the limitations of HTML well. When Frames were used, I thought they were used well.

Search interfaces were plain abysmal. It was incredibly frustrating to have only simple field-based access for searching. Granted, many of the creators of these sites were not information retrieval experts, but the sheer dumbness of the search systems was frustrating.

Search Presentation Evaluation

Search Results

Search #1

german landscape

I searched for the terms "german landscape". I wanted to see how the different systems would respond to a content and context-based search with fairly standard terms.

Search #2

Oil portraits of children

This search I wanted to include a little more specific subject, and add in a common term "oil". I tried harder to tweak the searches to get a result here.

Search #3

black and white

I wanted to try using a phrase which might be considered a term of art. Because I was looking for a simple phrase, I only used the simple keyword or phrase searching that most sites offered.