Spring '97, University of California, Berkeley 

The Business of Online Content Delivery 
a.k.a. The Digital Commerce Group 
A working group in Professor Howard Besser's
SIMS 296a3: Impact of New Information Technologies 


  1. Group Members 
  2. Mission Statement 
  3. Group Project 
  4. Movie Commentaries
  5. MESL Summaries 
  6. Multi Media Evaluations 
  7. Final Individual Projects 


The group includes 
e-mail the group: digital-commerce@uclink2.berkeley.edu 

Mission Statement:

Our overreaching goal is to study models and issues surrounding digital content. In this there are two general areas of consideration. The first area includes economic issues, including issues about pricing, distribution, and intellectual property. The second area includes the actual content issues, such as authorship, personalization, and the actual forms of digital content. In order to limit our focus, we will concentrate on the distribution of news over the Internet in our discussions. 

Group Project: Subtopics

Each of these suptopics represents a specific area of "expertise" in which a group member displayed interest. Each member will get an indepth understanding of his relevant topic, and present some sort of write-up for the site.  As a group we will sythesize these discussions into a cohesive conclusion about the nature of news distribution on the Internet. 
  • Privacy by Pankaj Bengani 
  • Technology by Anirvan Chatterjee 
  • Content by Anoop Sinha 
  • Value by Gabe Wachob 
  • Privacy Commentary by Mike Hagele 

  • Movie Commentary:

    We met and watched the following two movies.  Included is a brief one paragraph commentary from our group members about the aspects of the movies that we found related well to the class. 

    MESL Search Results:

    Summaries and search results for the group members: 
  • Pankaj Bengani 
  • Anirvan Chatterjee 
  • Anoop Sinha 
  • Gabe Wachob 
  • Mike Hagele 

  • Multimedia Critiques:

    Summaries and critiques from each group member: 
  • Pankaj Bengani 
  • Anirvan Chatterjee 
  • Anoop Sinha 
  • Gabe Wachob 
  • Mike Hagele 

  • Final Individual Projects:

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