Feb 21 Class
Impact of New Information Resources: Multimedia and Networks

taught by Howard Besser

Go Over Working Groups

Introduction to the Museum Educational Site Licensing Project

News Articles

Discuss journal articles on the Internet and changing social structures, Changing Cultural Institutions, Changes to Processes (like photography):

Assignments for next week

  • Wed Feb 26, 5-7, 2050 Valley LSB, Copyright in Cyberspace, Pam Samuelson
  • Fri Feb 28, 3-5, 107 South Hall, Metadata and the Internet, Paul Resnick, AT&T Labs article in current issue of Scientific American
  • Mon Mar 3, 7-9PM, 160 Kroeber, Interface Metaphors: Narrative Strategies in Interactive Media by George Legrady, SFSU Art
  • Fri Mar 7, 4:30, Anderson Aud @ Haas, Reed Hundt, chairperson of the FCC
  • Wed Mar 19, 2050 Valley LSB, Tele-Robotics via the World Wide Web, Ken Goldberg
  • Wed Apr 9, 5-8, Pacific Film Archive, Visions of Heaven and Hell

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