Tracy Seneca

I am in the School of Library and Information Studies at UC Berkeley, and will be finished with my MLIS in December of 1994. I have been in the Impact of New Information Technologies course since it began in the fall of '93. I was a member of the Critical Theory focus group for the spring term.

My first paper for the Spring '94 term was Th e Power of Language in Snow Crash and Babel-17. This paper examines the role of language and linguistics in two science fiction novels, and was partly inspired by Pam Rosenthal's lecture Surfing History, Hacking Metaphor: Two or Three Ways to Know Yourself in Cyberspace.

My final project for the Spring term is entitled "Libraries on the Web, an Examination of Library World Wide Web Servers." In it, I look at the different roles that a WWW server can play, and look at a number of WWW servers offered by libraries to see how different libraries approach those roles. I also examine the differences between servers of Academic, Public and Special Libraries, and discuss what I felt were the three strongest library web servers. A link to each of the web sites I discuss is provided within the paper, so that the reader can view each site I discuss.

Other papers:

For Mary Kay Duggan's Spring '94 seminar, Computers in the Humanities:
A Cri tical Examination of Internet Resources in History.

For Howard Besser's Fall '93 Impact of New Information Resources Seminar:
Cre ative Styles and 'Networking Literacy'

For Mary Kay Duggan's Fall '93 History of Printing and Publishing course:
The History of Women's Magazines; Magazines as Virtual Communities.

I have also worked in the UC Berkeley library system for some years now, first as a student at the Education/Psychology Library, then as a staff member at the Interlibrary Borrowing Service, and am now a Program Coordinator at the Teaching Library. In my current position I teach drop-in workshops on using the Library's online catalogs, provide course integrated library instruction, and teach seminars on using 'InfoLib', the library's gopher server.

Tracy Seneca

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