Steven Mark

Hi, my name is Steve, and I am an undergrad here at the University of California, Berkeley. I will be graduating in December- my major is interdisciplinary studies, with an emphasis on mass communications, and information technologies. So, I am very interested in all this new technology, as I assume you are since you have logged onto our Mosaic home page. When I am not in class, at work, or on-line, I enjoy flying (I have a pilot license), surfing, raquetball, and designing and building "unique" furniture. I am looking forward to graduation, and having some time to explore my options for the future, I am considering entering into a flight school, or possibly grad school. For now lis. 296, as well as my other 4 classes are keeping me quite busy. This has been a wonderful class, professor Besser has helped me to see many of the deeper social issues of this new technology, which I might not have seen for myself. Hope you enjoy exploring our class' home page. See you in cyberspace!

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