Simon Hernandez

Hello. Thanks for dropping by. I was just getting ready to go, and I heard someone buzzing me and it was you.

Not much going on here. I've never met you, but you seem like a friendly person, let me tell you a little about me.

As part of this class I have written a brief bio with some passing references to some of the many resources I like to use around the Nets.

I am one of the one year veterans of this course. I have enjoyed the class immensely, and I have had become more familiar with many of the policy and social issues centering on evolving and dynamic new information resources and media.

I came to the SLIS from Tokyo because I was completely unfamiliar with electronic information resources, since, in 1990, much of Japan was underdeveloped in these regards. I am, now, fairly conversant in Internet issues concerning access, usage, commercialization, and artistic and personal expression.

I am optimistic that, as new media and information resources ingratiate themselves into increasingly expanding sectors of society, broader avenues for personal and artistic expression will yield important, and possibly, liberating, changes for human culture. It's not all rosy, but it's a possibility.

I spend a lot of time exploring the Nets for far-flung resources offering alternative views of human creativity. I often browse e-serials , where I have explored the Amazons and reflected on the deeper meanings in humus . I like FAQs and I have collected a few about some of my favorite topics, like beer , anonymity , and others. I also enjoy participating in the Internet Hunt .

What I like best about the individually enriching aspects of networked information systems like the Internet, is the possibility of finding, and communicating with others of diverse interests and talents.

I gotta go. Glad you dropped by. Drop me a note ( if you have a moment and tell me a little about you. I'd love to hear about your interests.

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