Multimedia Program Review

Shin-Mei Wu
Lis 296
Spring 1994


Poetry In Motion by Ron Mann is a basic multimedia program on CD that's fun to play with. It contains 24 performances of poets reading their own poems. Its structure is simple; each screen is divided into half with the left side showing the performance and/or interview and the right side showing the words of the poem been read. Volume control is on the left side and one can start or stop any performance at any time. There is a table of contents in the beginning and an index is available, so believe me it is particularly impossible to get lost. The program is self-explanatory and easy to use.

This program is put out by Voyager who I think puts out a lot of CD programs that are not particularly useful, such as Complete Annotated Alice on CD, Moby Dick on CD, etc. They are like book on tapes. But Poetry In Motion is okay because users get a different perspective of the poems by having them read aloud by the poets who wrote them. It documents the feelings and emotions that the poets want/wish to express. I had read poems by Allen Ginsberg, for example, but seeing him on screen reading and talking about the poems he wrote was so exciting. If poetry is on the decline because they are boring to read, this CD can change that.

For $49.00, I wouldn't mind buying this CD for pleasure or educational purposes, but keep in mind that it is not sophisticated like From Alice to Ocean.

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