Shin-Mei Wu

Who am I??? Part of me is a normal student, majoring in Library and Information Science at UCB, always trying to catch up with all the assigned readings. The type of class I enjoy is one that has interesting lectures and a motivated professor (so I won't be able to fall asleep!) I will graduate this semester, and hope to find better things in the "real" world to fulfill my dreams.

I also work; have to make a living, you know. I've done things that range from a cashier to a produce buyer to a library clerk. I really like learning various things in various fields to enrich myself. But the true reality is -- I HATE WORK. I think work is a distraction to give people less time to enjoy themselves. However, I think people need work to receive the satisfaction that they are productive and important. Maybe the best way to balance this is to aim for six month vacation time rather than two weeks.

Reading is my favorite past time, next to watching movies and playing video games. Walking is good for calming the soul, though, so I try to do some of that to keep myself sane in this insane world. Remember: "Don't concentrate on the moon or you will miss all the heavenly glory."

--- Shin-Mei, 1994