Paul Canavese

Born in San Jose, I attended Bellarmine College Preparatory until graduating in 1990. I had decided that I wanted to pursue a career in Computer Science when I was searching for colleges, so U.C. Berkeley's strong Computer Science program and good location made my decision.

While at Cal, I have completed the grueling Computer Science classes and dabbled in the Social Sciences and Humanities. I work part-time at Quantum Consulting, Inc. in Berkeley, where I write Windows applications for utility companies. I am also the Workshift Manager at the Cloyne Court student housing cooperative, where I live.

I will graduate this month from U.C. Berkeley with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science. Everybody on the net is invited to the ceremony :-).

Beginning in June, I will be working for GeoWorks in Alameda. This company has developed an operating system geared toward low-powered "consumer computing devices," such as the Casio Zoomer palmtop device.

I also have my resume online here.

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