Karen Holmes

All semester, in the Impact of New Information Resources class, Professor Howard Besser has repeatedly asked us students how we would feel about having our work posted online. In such a situation, our papers would become available to anyone - friend and stranger alike - who happened to stumble upon them. And now, in reality, Howard has asked us not only to grace cyberspace with our written work - but with an autobiography and a portrait, as well (unless, of course, we "opt out" of it).

I must confess, now that Howard's question is no longer an abstraction, I find myself straying into paranoia. A quote from Eric Ambler keeps running through my mind:

One thinks that one wants to be understood, when one wants only to be half-understood. If a person really understands you, you fear him.

So what do you want to know?!

My educational background and work experience is in the History of Art, and Graphic Design. I will graduate in May with a Master's Degree in Library and Information Studies. I am interested in image databases, and archives - preserving the past for those in the future, using emerging technologies. During the course of Howard's class I participated in the Virtual Communities Focus Group, which I enjoyed very much, and also worked on a Photoshop project in conjunction with UC Berkeley's Conservation Department. In this project I experimented with the capability of Photoshop to "restore" photographic images, rather than to falsify them or create new ones in their stead.

You can find three of my papers at this Mosaic site:

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