Hella Heydorn

Hi, I am Hella Heydorn, a graduate student at the Library School. I have a Master's Degree in French literature and I also work as a research assistant on a project on German and American libraries.

Both my midterm and my final paper are related to the new UC Berkeley Library Gopher "InfoLib". The midterm paper is a Comparison of InfoLib and comp.infosystem.gopher, taking into account question-answering, one-way versus two-way communication and virtual communities. My final paper is an Examination of the UC Berkeley Library Gopher InfoLib. I look at the concepts of information and how this is reflected in the structure and organization of InfoLib. In a second part, I examine cataloging issues and procedures. The third part deals with who selects and controls information resources on InfoLib. My favorite project was the multimedia review. I examined You can't get there from here: ephemeral films 1946-1960. The newsgroups I follow are comp.infosystem.gopher and alt.usage.english, though I cannot say that I enjoy them very much.

I spent the last year in a place where it takes two years to get a telephone and people did not complain too much about it. This may be one of the reasons why I am torn between blind fascination with and total rejection of the Internet. It puzzles me if people really have that much more to talk about, and if research results are a lot more significant than before the advent of networked resources. And finally, I wonder if creativity increases if people constantly talk and, well, network.

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