Gregory McKean

Hi, I'm Greg. I'm a doctoral student here at UC Berkeley's School of Library and Information Studies (soon to become the School of Information Management and Systems). I was part of the team that created this Mosaic site, and I've had pretty much sole responsibility for the thing this summer.

Generally speaking, my research interests are in information retrieval and cognitive science, particularly in the areas of information systems design, interface design, and human-computer interfaction. If you're interested in some of these areas I recommend you check out the HCI Launching Pad.

I'm also interested in how children use library catalogs. Will the movefrom card catalogs to online catalogs improve and hamper access to library collections? A related question is what effect computers in the classroom will have on education. At least two elementary schools have there own Mosaic servers. Take a look at what they've done so far:

You may also want to visit San Francisco's Exploratorium .

We're not the only library school in the Mosaic business. I like what the following three schools have done:

While we're on the subject of libraries, we can't forgot the Library of Congress. For information about Library of Congress Services:

Finally, if you just want to be where the action is, the Whole Internet Catalog Top 50 keeps track of the past week or so's most popular Mosaic servers.

If you want to chat about anything I've mentioned, you can find me at

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