From left to right: Frax and Francois Chew

The Impact project has given me the opportunity to learn about MOSAIC, and I still have a lot more discoveries to make about creative possibilities for the interface. I also learned that Mosaic surfing can be very time-consuming at times, when turbulent links drift you out to sea. You can never find what you're looking for. YOU certainly didn't stumble across this page because you were looking for me. So the best I can be is an interesting fish for strangers to look at.

I have a part time job doing 3D graphics for CD-ROM developers, but I much prefer to work on independant stuff. Here at UC Berkeley, I'm working in a new 3D Animation group called Animagic, which is in the midst of its first video. It'll be a while before this one's completed (because rendering takes a looong time), but here's a sample jpeg of the desktop office where the cartoon takes place.

For this class (LIS296a), I did most of the linking and all the 3D stuff floating around. Here's a compiled list of grafx that you can also find elsewhere on this server.

As far as papers I've written for the class, well you're lookin at my final project. These are the two others I've done. For those of you with Short Period Attention Spans for Mosaic, I crammed a lot of custom grafx into the papers. (And if you realy hate Barney, check out the Doom Review)