Appendix : Questionnaire Results

1. How long did it take for you to learn and be facile with Community Memory's user interface [hours, days, weeks, months]?

4	0 to 1/2 hour

4 1/2 to 1 hour

3 1 to 2 hours

0 More than 2 hours

2. What aspects of CM's interface shape or limit the content of the messages that you contribute to CM discussion?

3	Navigation of discussion threads  a hindrance

1 CPU time limit

1 Editing features not satisfactory

3 Inability to view original messages when typing a response

1 Can't upload

1 System slow

1 Index terms outdated quickly

1 Limit on message size

1 Can't downloand

4 Inhibited by screen/box size

3. How did the unscheduled down times effect your contributions to CM (with respect to number of messages and their content)?

3	Frustration decreased attempts to login

5 Limited accessiblity due to personal time contraints

1 Prevented entry of messages

3 Prevented entry of when respondent had "clear" message

4. If CM had never gone down, how do you think this would have effected your contributions to CM (with respect to number of messages and their content)?

7	Would have entered more messages

2 No effect

1 Little effect

2 CM would have become part of routine

1 Would have been less concerned with time constraints

3 Conversations would have been more continuous

5a. What were your primary motivations for entering messages to CM (if possible give percentages, i.e. 50% love CM, 25% couldn't sleep, 25% had to flame someone)?

	Grade/Obligation	Interest in Topic	Other

0-10% 2 1 1

25% 2 4 3

50% 2 2 1

70-80% 4 0 0

100% 3 0 0

5b. Did this motivations changeover the course of the semester? If so why did your motivations change and what were the changes (use percentage scale if appropriate)?

	Grade/Obligation	Interest in Topic	Other

0-10% 0 2 0

20-25% 0 3 4

50% 3 2 0

70-75 % 3 2 0

90-95 % 2 0 0

100% 1 0 0

6. Comments on any other aspects of CM that effect the content of your messages.

"I still prefer paper to the screen. I am inhibited by small screens."

"I focused my comments and reading more on a just a few discussion, mostly for my own group -- and since we were only 3 people, I felt obligated to keep ours going."

"Perhaps its just electrnoic medium in general -- but I find it hard to 'think' on screen -- when I can't 'see' the msg I'm responding to, I lose my thread of thought."

"I just don't like electronic communication much."

"Normally, in responses I quote passages upon which I am commenting (w/ or w/o context). In CM I had to paraphrase and verbally point back to commands."

"Difficult downloading to CM. Hard to broadcast something to group for meeting times etc. [because] of threading/paths."

"Other people's contributions really affected the content of my messages."

7. Comments or general observations about the content of messages on CM.

"There was not as much back & forth communication as I would have like either message to message, group to group or one to m-person meeting."

"Will die after class is over."

"I was mad that not everyone contributed."

"I was favorably impressed!"

"I don't think that in this particluar case no one controlled the direction of discussions. The instructor, even if not always present with interventions, was a permanent control frame for the discussions and messages. On the other side, a kind of self-control was imposed by the relative homogeneity of the groups. If this didn't exist, probably the flow of discussions would have been unpredictable."

"The messages by this class were by and large very good. Provocative--"

"Seemed like too much "tripping out on own ideas" not developed interactions."

"Range in quality and level of discussions dependent upon group assignments."