Who's Brian Hoshi _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Last update: April 28, 1994

What's up!? I'm Brian Hoshi. I suppose I am considered the Layout Editor and Audio/ Video Conversion Automaton (who works closely with Greg the HTML Conversion Automaton) for the Impact Project. I must confess Impact has been a great experience, despite the deadlines, last minute changes and fine tuning. Mosaic is an interesting medium to work in and I encourage everyone who is interested to get involved whether it be on the design side or the program development side, it is fascinating none the less. If you are wondering why my picture is obscured it is not a question of not wanting to be identified but the fact that my picture came out so bad and I did not have the opportunity to digitize a better one. Apart from the Impact Project I am also a student in Professor Howard Besser's class, New Information Resources: Multimedia and Networks. Where I first got involved in Mosaic development. See my student profile for more information on my class participation: Profile: Brian Hoshi. Thank you for your attention and please feel free to explore the other hyper links within Impact. = )

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