Friday Noon Lecture Series, Spring 1994
Impact of New Information Resources: Multimedia and Networks

Virtual Field Trips:
The Exploratorium Ventures Out Onto the Net

Rob Semper
Director of the Exploratorium's Center for Media and Communication

Museums are inherently places that people come to visit to explore real things and learn new ideas. And yet for many people they are either too far away or the time is not available to make a visit possible. The Exploratorium has been involved with a number of experimental education projects which are designed to test how museums can support school education by providing high bandwidth network access to a facility designed to support individual learning. The speaker demonstrated a number of projects including the CoVis national testbed collaborative, a video e-mail media bulletin board and the Exploratorium's Internet server.

Rob Semper is Executive Associate Director of the Exploratorium and head of its new Center for Media and Communication. A physicist and science educator, he has developed exhibitions, teaching programs and interactive media projects for public space and has an interest in informal learning environments. He has been a fellow at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, senior designer at the Apple Multimedia Lab and director of the Lucasfilm/Apple umbrella creative partnership (LUAU) formed in 1988 to develop multimedia prototype products. He is currently exploring the use of interactive media and networks as an extension of the Exploratorium's work in education.

Friday April 15
145 Dwinelle

co-sponsored by the School of Library and Information Studies and the School of Journalism

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