Friday Noon Lecture Series, Fall 1993
Impact of New Information Resources: Multimedia and Networks

Don't Fence Us In:
The Next Few Years of the Intellectual Property Debate

Richard Prelinger
Home Box Office

Rapid development of emerging media and networking technology has given rise to a panoply of optimistic and sometimes utopian visions. But at the same time, owners of intellectual properties face the future with doubt and trepidation. How will they enforce their rights of ownership and guarantee themselves a continuing income? Can property rights continue to be a foundation of our society as intangible property begins to replace nuts and bolts? And finally, how will these feverish debates and struggles actually affect members of the consuming public?

This lecture tried to help citizens and creators stake out positions for the immediate future. It featured the confessions of a rightsholder, recalled the stories of some interesting licensing transactions and sought parallels in the history of electronic media and the evolution of the American landscape.

Richard Prelinger has been concerned with intellectual property issues for ten years. As President of Prelinger Archives in New York City, one of the largest nontheatrical film archives in the U.S., he has participated in the development of new licensing paradigms and solutions in response to the needs of the emerging media. He is currently also Director of Archival Development at Home Box Office in New York. He has produced two CD-ROM and laserdisc compilations of material from his archives (in collaboration with Bob Stein of the Voyager Company) and most recently Call It Home: The House That Private Enterprise Built (a laserdisc history of suburbia, in collaboration with Keller Easterling, published by Voyager).

Friday October 8
1 Leconte

co-sponsored by the School of Library and Information Studies and the School of Journalism

A transcript of Mr. Prelinger's talkis available.

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