Friday Noon Lecture Series, Fall 1994
Impact of New Information Resources: Multimedia and Networks

The Commons of Information

Lee Felsenstein
Interval Corporation

Lee Felsenstein is one of the pioneers of personal computing. He was the moving force behind the original Homebrew Computing Club, he designed one of the earliest personal computers (the Sol) and the earliest portable computer (the Osborne). He is also the founder of the Community Memory Project.

His work over the past 20 years can be characterized by his ongoing effort to make personal computers into populist tools. As a designer, he has tried to make them affordable and easy to use. As a high profile personal computing pioneer, he has used his position as a platform from which to advocate that these machines be used for the good of society as a whole rather than for personal profit. And as an activist, he has promoted projects that employ computers to encourage community-building.

In his talk here at Berkeley, Lee discussed the ideas raised most recently in his May 1993 article in Dr. Dobbs Journal: How computers can (and should) be employed to provide a central meeting ground (or agora) to help restore a central sense of community which is missing in our post-industrial society.

Friday September 10
1 Leconte

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Click here to see a copy of Mr. Felsenstein's article in Dr. Dobbs Journal.
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