Friday Noon Lecture Series, Fall 1994
Impact of New Information Resources: Multimedia and Networks

Community Networks: Building Electronic Greenbelts

Steve Cisler
Apple Library of Tomorrow

Steve Cisler is a Senior Scientist in the Apple Library which is part of the Advanced Technology Group at Apple Computer in Cupertino, California. His background is in public libraries where he worked for 14 years before coming to Apple in 1988.

He works with information retrieval projects at Apple, with the Apple Library Users Group, and manages the Apple Library of Tomorrow (ALOT) program which makes equipment and software donations for innovative reseach in libraries of all types.

He has been active in promoting access to and the use of the Internet/ NREN and is working with the Computer Systems Policy Project on lifelong learning issues. Recently, he authored a paper entitled "Community Networks: Building Electronic Greenbelts".

He is interested in the use of electronic networks for cultural preservation and is supporting projects with Zuni and Sioux Indian networks and a Hawaiian language BBS.

He hosts a discussion group on information on the WELL, a UNIX-based computer conferencing system in Sausalito, California.

Friday September 17
1 Leconte

co-sponsored by the School of Library and Information Studies and the School of Journalism

A transcript of Mr. Cisler's talk is available.

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