Friday Noon Lecture Series, Fall 1994
Impact of New Information Resources: Multimedia and Networks

The Shape of Truth to Come:
New Media and Knowledge

Chris Carlsson
Processed World

The rapid convergence of all types of communications media (books, newspapers, telephone, video) into identical bitstreams deliverable through any digital channel has promised us a revolution with widespread benefits for the common person. Yet the likelihood is that the new media will help shape a world which is even more focused upon a representation of reality rather than one based upon our own senses.

Drawing on ideas from The Society of the Spectacle and other works, Chris Carlsson discussed how the new forms of telecommunications are likely to reinforce even higher levels of representation than the current mass media. He examined issues such as interactivity which offer "false" senses of participation. And he painted these as even further forms of social and cultural control.

Chris Carlsson is a founder of Processed World, a radically irreverent magazine of dissident office workers. For over ten years Processed World has used both theory and agit-prop style derived from the Situationist International to critique the rapidly-advancing information age. Mr Carlsson is also editor of the recent book, Bad Attitude.

Friday October 15
1 Leconte

co-sponsored by the School of Library and Information Studies and the School of Journalism

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