Feb 4
Video Jukeboxes for Distance Learning: The Pacifica Public Schools Project, Terry Kero, Director, Sprint Advanced Technology Labs

[+]Feb 9
She Loves it, She loves it not (interactive CD-ROM on women & technology),Christine Tamblyn, critic and multimedia artist

Feb 11
The Information Highway Has Many Potholes, Barbara Simons, Chair of US Public Policy Committee, Association for Computing Machinery

Feb 18
The Conceptual Space of Computers in Art Production: Thoughts on Digital and Interactive Art, Marjorie Franklin, Conceptual Artist working in Digital Media

Feb 25
Multimedia as Theater and Theater as Multimedia, Larry Friedlander, Professor of English, Stanford and Associate at MIT's Media Lab

Mar 4
Navigating The Information Superhighway, John Gage, VP of Sun Microsystems

Mar 11
Textbooks Online, Dial-A-Book, and Monographic Databases, Stanley Greenfield, VP of Ziff Communications Company

Mar 18
Polishing Our Image: The Design and Implementation of a Distributed Client/Server System for the Image Collections, Steve Lerman, Director, Center for Educational Computing Initiatives, MIT, and former Director of Project Athena

Mar 25
Surfing History, Hacking Metaphor: Two or three ways to know yourself in Cyberspace, Pam Rosenthal, Programmer/Author

Apr 8
Who's Gonna Get It?: The Meanings and Conditions of Universal Access to Computer Networks Within the National Information Infrastructures, Rob Kling, Professor of Information and Computer Science, UC Irvine

Apr 15
Virtual Field Trips: The Exploratorium Ventures Out Onto the Net, Rob Semper, Director of the Exploratorium's Center for Media and Communication

Apr 29
Issues in the Use of Electronic Images for the Arts and the Humanities, Michael Ester, Director of Luna Imaging (Kodak/Getty)

May 6
Networked Multimedia Potpourri

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