Focus group participants are:

The group's newsgroup: ucb.class.lis296.critical-theory

Weekly discussion at 9am in the South Hall

Study Hall at UCB. Confirm weekly meeting times and place on the newgroup.

The group seeks to better understand the impact of Multimedia and Networks through critical theory. Weekly topics are chosen from a variety of sources including: the internet, various online services & bbs, magazines, journals, newspapers,science fiction, film, and cd-rom. Members discuss topics by developing arguments from particular critical perspectives and presenting their ideas to the group either during the weekly meeting, or on the newsgroup. Members also strive to use multimedia and network tools in the practice of critical theory and to examine the work of others who do so. From the first meetings, the group has encouraged anyone with an interest in the weekly topics or newsgroup discussion to participate. Many weekly sessions have been attended by members of the campus community who are not affiliated with the class, but have an interest in the topics for disscussion, and guests are always welcome.