Tentative Requirements and Assignments for

Impact of New Information

taught by Howard Besser

Course Requirements

  • 45% Class and Working Group Participation: Each student will participate in a Working Group which focuses on some aspect or perspective on new information technology. (Examples include Virtual Communities, Critical Theory, Public Policy, Future of Publishing, Creative Arts, Digital Commerce, etc.) This working group will meet weekly through most of the term, and will assign and discuss its own readings, and develop and maintain a Website that is designed to both reflect the group's work and to provide useful information to anyone on the Web who is interested in the chosen aspect or perspective (see the Spring 97 list of potential working groups, as well as examples from the Fall 98 Working groups.



    Besides Working Group participation, this portion of your grade also includes participation in class discussions, and interaction with a variety of other student presentations.

  • 45% Term Paper/Project: Do a term paper or project on some aspect covered in class. This may be a follow-up to one of your earlier exercises/papers/group discussions. Please check your proposed topic with the instructor before the middle of the semester.  Here are some papers from previous courses
  • 10% Short Assignments:

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