The Social Space sub-group of the Virtual Communities group will be looking at communication and social participation, social identity, and production of social space.

The following bibliography is a preliminary group of sources. This will be augmented by literature from communications and critical theory areas.

Impact of IT on Cities

Information Technology and Public Space

Community Networks

This organization "is an educational nonprofit corporation dedicated to fostering and supporting "Community Networking" -- community-based creation & provision of appropriate technology services." The site provides a good overview of the goals and lessons of community networking.

A guide to community services in resources in Cleveland. It includes demographic and other statistical information. However, it consists primarily of program descriptions and links. This site appears to be designed to help non-professionals find services information.

Neighborhood descriptions, maps, HMDA data, and other planning related information about Minneapolis neighborhoods. This site appears to provide information for planning professionals and academics primarily.

This is a project of various departments from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, done in partnership with community residents of East St. Louis. Following a participatory planning methodology, they have served as an informal planning agency for a city with no planning agency.

This site purports to be "an online resource center for people working to build strong communities throughout the United States." It provides links on areas such as crime, education, community development, health and the environment. Manages the Build-Com listserv that focuses on neighborhood issues.

A community outreach program of UC Berkeley, this project "provides networking and information resources to the Enterprise Communities of Oakland by creating a networked system of communication among the University of California, City of Oakland, branch libraries, and community-based organizations

This is a report from a workshop of the CSCW í98 (Computer Support for Community Work) Conference. It houses a number of interesting Position Papers.

A paper that explores the role of community networks on creating a "Knowledge Society" in Canada.

A short article by Steve Cisler on the promise of and challenges facing community networks. Argues that they are "part of an electronic public space."

A Masterís thesis that includes a statistical analysis of survey data from community networks.



This is a new activist + research network devoted to community communications systems. You can see a list of who is involved, as well as a description of the purpose of the network and links to relevant research.

This site, from the Center on Urban Poverty and Social Change at Case Western Reserve University, provides an interactive format for accessing neighborhood data (e.g. census, HMDA, vital statistics). The primary audience would appear to the academic. However, the site does describe a training program aimed at community groups.


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