INFOSYS 296A, section 3, cntrl #52133
(also know as BUS AD 296, section 7, cntrl #09757)
3 units, UC Berkeley Fall 1996
Thurs 2:00-5:00, C330 Cheit Hall (Haas School of Business)
taught by Howard Besser

Mon Nov 18, 4:00-5:30, 310 Soda Hall, Marvin Sirbu, CMU, author of the Netbill Electronic Commerce Project, will lecture on Electronic Payment Systems

General course information

Class Work

Weekly Readings, Notes, and Assignments

Protection of Digital Information public lecture series
other course resources
optional course readings
Potential topics to be covered

Pam Samuelson talk Wed Nov 13: Policy Implications of Technological Protection for Digital Content
Speaker from SJ Mercury News Website, Wed Aug 28

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