Note: This is a catalog of links relevant to the preceding discussion of PDAs. There are hordes of pages on the WWW which discuss personal digital assistants. Instead of jamming the page full of references, this listing only cites more interesting and worthwhile sites.


Official Apple Newton site

Web directory of Newton-related links

Famous weekly Internet newsletter dealing with Newtons and PDAs


U.S. Robotics official site

EJís Pilot Web directory
Comprehensive collection of Pilot-related links on the web

Scottís Pilot Page
Definitive personal Pilot page with shareware, FAQs, and News


Official IBM PC110 site
(Japanese decoder software required to read text.)

Well organized PC110 web directory and source for FAQs

Amanda Walkerís PC110 Page
Interesting page on personal experiences with the PC110


Official Casio Cassiopeia site

Official Microsoft Windows CE site.
Extensive source for links, shareware, and news relating to the Windows CE


Official Hewlett Packard palmtop site
Developers of the 100LX, 200LX, 700LX Communicator Plus, OmniGo, and new Window CE device

Official Psion PDA site
Creators of the 3a, 3c, and Siena

Official Sharp Zaurus site
Another popular middle PDA.

Mobilis Magazine
Established and popular e-zine focusing on all facets of the PDA market.

HotPocket Magazine
Start-up magazine with coverage of new PDA products

Pen Computing Magazine
Online site with bits and pieces from the Pen Computing print magazine

PDA survey
Internet survey debating PDAs' useful functions

The Wallet PC
Microsoft CEO, Bill Gatesí view on the future of personal digital assistants

The InfoPad Project
A UC Berkeley EECS research project into the perfect PDA

Popular newsgroup to learn about personal experiences and hear rumors about up and coming products.