RRO Definitions


Generically, a group of people gathered together for some purpose. In RRO, the assembly is understood to be the body of people who assemble, as distinct from meeting, which is the event of their being assembly.


Consider; discuss; talk about reasons for or against.

deliberative assembly

An independent and autonomous group of people meeting to determine, in full and free discussion, courses of action to be taken in the name of the entire group.

make motions

To bring business before an assembly by means of formal proposal.


A meeting of an assembly is a single official gathering of its members in one room or area to transact business for a length of time during which there is no cessation of proceedings and the members do not separate, unless for a short recess. Each event of the members' being assembled to transact business constitutes a separate meeting; but the complete unit of engagement in proceedings by the assembly is a session, which (in the general case covering all types of assemblies) consists of one or more connected meetings.


A member of an assembly, in the parliamentary sense, is a person having the right to full participation in its proceedings--that is, as explained in 3 and 4, the right to make motions, to speak in debate on them, and to vote.


The minimum number of members who must be present at the meetings of a deliberative assembly for business to be legally transacted.


A meeting or series of connected meetings devoted to a single order of business, program, agenda, or announced purpose, in which--when there is more than one meeting--each succeeding meeting is scheduled with a view to continuing business at the point where it was left off at the previous meeting.


A usually formal expression of opinion or will in response to a proposed decision.