"This seventy-year old movie is less dated than the ten-year old soundtrack"
-Star quote from our discussion

Our focus group decided to watch the movie, Metropolis, because it offers a vision of how technology affects society that is classic, not only in the history of film and visual representation, but also in terms of modern society's complex love-hate relationship with technology.

Most of the points listed below (except where noted) are our reactions to the characteristics in the movie which we felt accurately reflected modern conceptions of technology and society.

Appearance of the City

Socioeconomic Class & Technology

Use of Surveillance

The Robot

Nature of Labor/De-skilling of Work/Alienation

Legacy of the Movie

After viewing the movie we realized that many of our modern images of technology, especially those that focus on drudgery, originate in this movie. Among the mentioned were a MacIntosh TV commercial and Madonna's "Express Yourself" video.