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From the Editor:

J.Net has been an interesting experiment as a class assignment. It has been illuminating to see how much and how little a group of people can do on the Web. In this, our final issue, we ruminate about things we could have done, things we wouldn't have done, and things we would have done differently.

As a whole, the e-zine project had to be considered a resounding sucess. While we didn't get to put out as many issues as we would have liked, we did manage to have every member of the group contribute and multiple times at that. Here's some of the focus group members comments about our work this semester:

"I greatly enjoyed working with the other members of the Journalism focus group. It was quite refreshing to be exposed to so many different ideas and ideologies. It was also very nice to be working in a group where members were so productive and reliable. Since we didn't get corporate sponsorship, we should take our webmaster out to lunch."

"At first, I thought having to work in a group would be a waste of time, but I've learned a lot in our group discussions. In a class with this type of topic, you learn the most from other people in the class. Also, I enjoyed working with a great group of people, who thankfully all had a good sense of humor!"

"As regards the focus group, I feel that we have had some interesting  discussions and I've enjoyed working with the group. It has allowed me to  explore things I'd not given a lot of thought to before given that the UK is impoverished in terms of Internet resources. Thanks."

About the comment for our group project. I was happy work with real smart guys. You know, after reading the article and discussion, my wife said "These guys are really smart, compared with B-school students". I really envied your somewhat different perspective and I hope I have better English to share everything we talk in the meeting. Again thanks for the whole semester help and really anticipating the celebrating meeting.

"I found the focus group a key part of the class, in that it provided a forum for conversation and intimate discussion of the various issues at least tangentially related to internet journalism. I felt that the class room discussion lacked this kind of back and forth which is only really possible with groups of 6 or less, or was it 5 or less? I also think our web site proved, once and for all, that the web has somethingreally jazzy in it, though this site probably isn't visited as much as it should be. So in conclusion, visit"

The web site was a lot of work to put together but not overbearingly so. Some of it was due to the fact that we had one person handle most of the HTML editing to enforce some consistency. People were remarkably efficient in adding input. A small editorial nudge now and again was all that was needed to get people going. The key part was to have some kind of editorial vision and then parcel out a task to everyone.

Best of all, we had a lot of fun doing it!