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Volume 1.2 Front Page

The contents of this Web site are copyright  1996 J.Net Productions, a focus group in Professor Howard Besser's Fall 1996 Infosys 296A class at UC Berkeley.

From the Editor:

J.Net has been an interesting experiment as a class assignment. It has been illuminating to see how much and how little a group of people can do no the Web. In this, our final issue, we ruminate about things we could have done, things we wouldn't have done, and things we would have done differently.

This Issue's Highlights

The editor has a few more choice thoughts regarding J.Net.

The J.Net staffers met and discussed the SF Bay Guardian's claims that the Wired way of life may not be all that good.

You may want to check out our final projects. They don't necessarily have to do with journalism but they're fine work none the less.

For Your Amusement

 What the heck do  Sylvester Stallone, Sandra Bullock, and Wesley Snipes have to do with the impact of technology? Well, as our review of the film Demolition Man points out, quite a bit actually. While a ridiculously violent film without a lot of redeeming values, the movie does have a bit to say about the values we in the 20th century currently uphold as a vision of utopia.