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Volume 1.1 Front Page

The contents of this Web site are copyright  1996 J.Net Productions, a focus group in Professor Howard Besser's Fall 1996 Infosys 296A class at UC Berkeley.

From the Editor:

Advances in computer technology are rapidly affecting every facet of our lives and how the news is reported is no different. However, since it is often argued that The News is crucial to the workings of a democratic society in yet another manner computers are challenging the underpinnings of our nation. While J.Net in general is focused on the interaction of journalism and technology, this particular editorial attempts to raise some questions about technology's affect on a reporter's daily life.

Fresh Cut on November 7th

Check out the San Francisco Bay Guardian as it butts heads with Wired Magazine over cyberpolitics. One interesting thing to note is the amount of "shadow" journalism that goes on behind the scenes in the Guardian's interview with Louis Rosetto, head honcho at Wired.

This Issue's Highlights

The editor has a few more choice thoughts regarding technology and journalism.

As opposed to Wired Magazine, some people on our staff really like the HotWired  web site. Find out why.

Have you heard about the Dark Alliance? Do you believe the hype? Read Jean Wang's breakdown of the whole sordid mess for a reality check.

In class we've been talking about MSNBC. Tom Houghton actually went to The Site. The results are not pretty.

Think all e-zines are the same? Seung-Hoon Lee toured 10 different sites and found each one unique.

There are a number of newspapers online. Remzi Arpaci picks and pans a handful of them.

As a class assignment, we had to discuss "Changing Cultural Institutions". We talked about everything but journalism.

Updates to many of our departments, including a truckload of new links, discussion regarding our readings, and new toys in the toolbox which let us put pictures of the J.Net staff online!

For Your Amusement

Taking on an  extreme challenge our group attempted to find choice nuggets regarding technology's impact by watching possibly the worst film ever made: Plan 9 From Outer Space. Check out our weak Pauline Kael imitation.

For our next film we'll be viewing Demolition Man which keeps up our fine cinematic tradition by starring noted thespians Sandra Bullock, Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes.