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From the Editor:

Over the last decade, the Internet has profoundly affected our society's model of information dissemination. We aim to understand the impact of this paradigm shift on journalism and to use this understanding to predict directions journalism will follow.

This Issue's Highlights

We have some further expansion of our mission statement.

Are you, like us, into instant gratification? Then check out e.Mediate, our guide to interesting sites on the Web (with context no less).

Some people on our staff really dislike Wired magazine. Find out why.

For Your Amusement

Here's an interesting question. Has J.Net violated Tom Tomorrow's copyright by placing a link to the image below? The bits aren't on our machine, we just tell your browser where to go. If you didn't actually have images on you'd never get it. Besides if he doesn't like it he can always move it. (Hopefully he hasn't put anything embarrasing here between now and class time).

IMAGE: Amusing Graphic Regarding Journalism and Technology

Just to be fair, we should note that the above image is copyright 1996 Tom Tomorrow. It originally appeared on the web as a part of Salon, where This Modern World appears regularly.