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November 19, 1996 Meeting Notes

November 19, 1996 Present: Tom, Remzi, Jean

  • Discussion of final projects, multimedia reviews, and previous class session
  • no one has gotten any feedback on their multimedia review
  • we conclude that Brian will be back in time to finalize Jnet - whew!
  • we are all disappointed that we weren't able to show off Jnet in class, particularly our nifty staff photos
  • we believe Jnet kicks ass and leaves the other group web sites in the dust
  • Discussion of how the "class is getting off track" news articles not entirely relevant; connection to class topic not explicit; articles presented without context which is necessary to fully understand issue at hand
  • class discussion about AGSE strike went on too long
  • Remzi hasn't yet, but will write up the group discussion of Demolition Man, our second sci fi film
  • Remzi declares: I am a workhorse!
  • Discussion of Demolition Man
  • for Remzi, it was funnier the second time around, but Jean had trouble staying awake watching it for the second time
  • having the group discussion right after watching the movie was a good idea, but we talk about the movie again
  • we all have trouble remembering the movie, so the discussion sputters out
  • conclusion: Demolition Man is not a memorable movie
  • Tom expounds on MBA students and Business School
  • MBA's are arrogant
  • "too busy" not accepted as an excuse for poor teaching by faculty
  • difference between London Biz School and Haas regarding turning in assignments late

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