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Fresh Links

Appearing in J.Net

The Dark Alliance. The basis for Jean Wang's commentary on whether the Web really made a diffence in some reporting.

Hotwired. The home of Wired Ventures online presence, reviewed in this issue of J.Net.

The Site. MSNBC's foot on the Web, also reviewed in this issue.

Respected Newspapers on the Web

The New York Times. All the news that's fit to print. Requires registration to access (yick!).

The Washington Post.

The Wall Street Journal. Even worse, but probably appropriate, you have to fork over money for access. (ugh!)

The Los Angeles Times.

The Chicago Tribune.

The San Jose Mercury News

SF Chronicle/SF Examiner. Okay, so maybe they're not that respected.

Way New Journalism

The Netizen. HotWired's venture into politics on the Web. Check out the back issues for interesting commentary on the problems of running on line political debate.

NEWS.Com and CNET These guys are both interesting because they rely on quite a bit of repackaging. While NEWS.Com has it's own content, they also link into sites like The New York Times.

Slate. See the Web magazine for people who read for yourself. Kinsley's Folly?

Salon Some think this is Hotwired without the digerati attitude but a northeasterner's upturned nose.

Tweak and Spanq. The bastard children of Suck. Not quite as funny but illustrative of how difficult putting together something like Suck is. (Okay have we sucked up to Suck enough).

Journalism Organization Links

FAIR. Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting. Amazingly enough Rush isn't always right A site dedicated to investigative reporters.

American Journalism Review. A suburban DC based journalism review.

The World Wide Web's Virtual Library has an entry for journalism, which is a good jumping off point.

Down in OZ (Australia to most of us) you can check out the Pacific Journalism Review

The National Press Club also has a spiffy site.

Editor & Publisher is a good online version of an industry trade magazine. They are particularly Web savvy.

Cultural Institutions on the Web

The Library of Congress. The nation's library but not much of a useful online presence.

Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive.  On the cutting edge of technology, they still have a gopher site!

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The guys who hand out Oscars are also into preserving films.

Digital Institutions

The LOW RES Film Festival. Cannes on the Web? Maybe eventually. Graphics intensive.

Older Links

The UC Berkeley School of Journalism. They probably know a bit more about the subject than we do, but boy does their site suck. (Try it with a browser that can't do frames and see what happens).

CyberWire Dispatch.  Possibly the best reporter about government and technology out there.

George Gilder. A collection of articles from a widely regarded technology prognosticator.

Editor & Publisher. The web site for one of the publishing industry's trade rags.

Mindy McAdams. Mindy actually worked at the Washington Post's failed on-line experiment Digital Ink.

Suck. Because they're funny. No, actually because they were one of the first online zines that produced content every day.

American City Business Journals Inc. The Nation's largest publisher of metroplitan business newspapers.

Web Media Guide. Sort of stale (circa 1995) but still a useful collection of information.