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J.Net Minutes 9/24/1996

Minutes of the First Meeting of the Journalism Multi-Media Group

September 24, 1996

Present Brian Ramzi Jean Seunghoon Amin Tom

Agenda: Discuss the basic aspects of the website Discuss which films, publications and URLs the group should review Set up a timetable for future meetings and work

Website basics

The group concluded that since the focus was to be on the effects of new technology on journalism that the website would be run as if it were an e-zine (an on-line magazine). The e-zine would consist of a main editorial addressing a given topic and then articles relevant to that topic. These articles would typically be reviews of publications or URLs, reports of important events in the news and views from the group discussions.

The aim is to produce an "issue" of the e-zine approximately once every two weeks i.e. 4-5 during the course of the term. An initial brainstorming session threw up the following themes for future "issues":

Suggested readings/films/URLs

Other than the publications listed above the group had not come up with any clear ideas for these issues. It was agreed that some clear ideas would be developed before the next meeting. Ramzi suggested the name Jnet for the e-zine.


It was agreed that two group members would produce a template for the website for discussion by the group at the next meeting. It was further agreed that the first issue would be produced if possible by October 3, 1996.

Meetings will be held weekly on Tuesdays at 10:00 am for up to one hour.

  Produce website template:  Brian/Tom 10/01
  Suggested readings (3 each) All 10/01
  Movie suggestions (1 each) All 10/01
  Suggested names for e-zine All 10/01
  Suggested URLs (3 each) All 10/01
  Bios for each group member All 10/01
  First editorial and mission statement Ramzi 10/03
  Review of suitable links to other URLs Jean 10/03